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Are you constantly on your phone or tablet? Or maybe you work on a computer all day?

We’re in the digital age. Between computers, tablets and smart phones, Americans average 7 hours of screen usage per day, with some people using significantly more, which often results in Digital Vision Syndrome.

Digital Vision Syndrome

In the last decade, there has been a dramatic shift in how we use our vision. With the digital revolution, the increased demand on our eyes is relentless. According to a 2016 Vision Council report regarding digital eye strain, 65% of Americans experience daily symptoms of headaches, discomfort with computer use, tired eyes, dry eye, neck or should pain/stiffness, light sensitivity, and dizziness. A lack of alignment between your eyes causes unwanted stress on the visual system, resulting in the symptoms above.

We have the solution! SightSync and the neurolens system

Related imageSightSync is designed to accurately measure and prescribe for eye misalignment at all distances, which is essential for comfortable vision. SightSync can detect if a customized lens for you glasses, called the neurolens, can help with these symptoms.

Imagine a day without that recurring headache that medications can’t seem to fix. A day where your eyes feel just as energized in the evening like in the morning. Imagine that weight and tension being lifted from your shoulders. This can be possible with this breakthrough medical technology. Talk to our doctors to see if the neurolens is right for you.